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We offer very affordable rates. Contact us for a custom proposal.

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Over 70% of search engine traffic comes from the first page results.

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£40.5 billion was generated by online stores in the UK last year alone.

Please explain SEO to me

The online world is a fiercely competitive environment, which can make it difficult for smaller businesses to get noticed by search engines. 

Imagine your website was a business card. Now, imagine 1 of your business cards in a 30 storey building which is full of piles business cards from other companies worldwide. If your business card is in the pile on the 30th floor, your chances of someone picking it from the pile are slim to none. But if your business card is in the pile on the ground floor, right near the front door, you’re much more likely to get picked up by a passer-by. This simple premise explains why being in the first results in a web search makes your business more accessible, and by default, more profitable. 

Want to rank above your competitors?

At Littleleaf Marketing, we can help you get your business noticed first by ensuring you sit within the very top search engine results and beat your competition to the first ‘click’. 

Being more visible ultimately leads to more customers. Websites on the first page of an internet search will attract over 70% of online visitors. Now note that online shops generated £40.5 billion in income within the last year – this means that 70% of this income was likely through front-page businesses! When you consider the thousands and sometimes millions of search results returned on Google, these figures are astounding. 

Keeping your website high on search engine results is easily done by a technique called search engine optimisation (SEO). This can be a daunting and time-consuming task for companies purely due to the amount of time and effort involved in keeping up with it. SEO requires continued effort to maintain its impact. This is where lots of businesses can struggle, as your precious time is needed to ensure the other aspects of your business run smoothly. 

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What to expect from our SEO services

At Littleleaf, we offer very affordable rates to take this task off your hands and keep the internet traffic coming direct to your doorstep. Neglecting SEO means you are missing out on a wealth of new customers – your website will bring in more business via internet searches than any paid method of advertising.

Every website designed by Littleleaf will receive a basic level of SEO, however we also offer ‘advanced’ SEO services to ensure you reach (and continue to stay on) page 1 of any internet search. At Littleleaf we will endeavour to create an entirely customised, bespoke SEO service to suit your needs. 

How our SEO services work?

Step 1

An initial audit will help to identify the precise ways we can boost your ranking on search engines. 

Step 2

Then, by working on keyword research we will identify which terms will get you noticed by your target audience and create a list of words that need to be focused on throughout your campaign. 

Step 3

We will work on a full technical optimisation of your website to make sure it is user-friendly and easy for search engines to understand. 

Step 4

SEO doesn’t just stop at your website and how it talks to Google – at Littleleaf we will undertake backlink analysis, which removes any harmful links to your website, and we will instead generate more valuable backlinks. In addition, social media marketing can work alongside SEO to boost traffic to your site, so it is highly recommended that both services are invested in. 

Step 5

Each month, you will receive a breakdown of your campaign data, explained clearly and concisely, so you know how we are working to make you the #1 search result.

Step 6

Your SEO service from Littleleaf  Marketing will be monitored from here on, and will continue to adapt and ensure you are always in the top spot. 

For more information on the impact of SEO – take a look at this blog post

If you would like to receive a free review and quotation please get in touch so we can discuss how we can grow your business using SEO.