Meet the team behind LittleLeaf Marketing

Hello! Welcome to LittleLeaf Marketing. We are a family led marketing agency based in Dawlish, Devon, serving customers locally and internationally. We are a small but very passionate company, where we really love what we do. We all have unique backgrounds that have lead us to our true calling in marketing.


Fast track your business to success

If you’re ready to grow your business and you’re looking for a marketing agency with a personal touch, let LittleLeaf Marketing take your marketing to the next level. As a family-run digital marketing agency, not only do we know how hard you have to work to get people to choose you over the competition, we also know how impersonal large marketing firms are.

We work with you to develop and maintain the best online presence so you can do what you do best: Provide your customers with your unique products or services. We ensure that your online presence is strong, trustworthy, versatile, and most of all, attractive, so you stand out in your niche and improve your chances of growth and success. 

Since we’re a family-run digital marketing agency, we know what it takes to grow a business because we’ve worked hard to grow, too. Whether your business requires website design, social media management or complete branding, we have the drive and knowledge to help you succeed.

LittleLeaf Marketing

Litt.le.Leaf |  Mark.e.ting

Definition of LittleLeaf Marketing

: Helping businesses to grow and get to the top of their industry. Like a Little Leaf that has just grown and needs to push past the bigger leaves to flourish and shine.

Meet your team



I will most likely be designing your fantastic new website and dealing with the more technical side of the business. I have a passion for helping your business stand out, and will work hard to make sure your website has everything it needs to rank well within all the top search engines.


Hannah H

When you contact our office, it’s more than likely you will deal with me. I love dealing with our customers, helping you create the right Digital marketing plan for your company.


Hannah S

I am a freelance content creator working with this fantastic company to create exciting, captivating and unique content for your business’ online presence. I also dabble in photography, am the founder of a crafts retailer, and I am passionate about travel writing. For my personal website please visit